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Escena Torniquete | El torniquete del aeropuerto CMOLO ayuda a los aeropuertos a crear una gestión científica y tecnológica 2019-09-29


Recently, the highly anticipated Beijing Daxing International Airport was put into operation. It is called the first of the "Seven Wonders of the New World". Shaped like "Phoenix Spreading Wings", the terminal is the world's largest single terminal, the world's first airport terminal for high-speed rail to travel under the ground, and the world's first double-decker departure and double-decker arrival terminal. The terminal’s area is 700,000㎡, and its core area is equivalent to 25 football fields. It has 4 runways --"three vertical and one horizontal".


Daxing airport is full of “Loogoos”, just like a science fiction movie: You can use face recognition for check-in, robots will help you to park your car and carry your luggage for you...

Take a look at “paperless access”~~after valid documentations are scanned before the security checking turnstile, the first gate opens and the face information is collected by the system. After a successful comparison, the second gate opens. After that, there is no need to show any identification or boarding pass. When you come to the departure gate, you can directly pass by face recognition. No any operation, so convenient~~


Torniquete de control de seguridad

Security Checking Turnstile


torniquete del aeropuerto

The Turnstile at the Departure Gate


Faced with the huge number of passengers and the complex identity of personnel, the airport's pedestrian access management is very difficult. So, what is the role in using self-verification turnstile for the airport's pedestrian access management?


  • Face recognition, ID identification, passport identification and other advanced verification technologies are adopted in the airport self-verification turnstile,which can verify access without paper ticket, helping to promote the "paperless access" and achieve the "environmental protection travel".
  • It can not only improve the technological level of airport management, but also improve the passenger experience and enhance the image of airport service.
  • Airport self-verification turnstile can collect passenger traffic data, form data management information, and make decision analysis for airport management;
  • The airport self-verification turnstile can be connected with the Ministry of Public Security for counter-terrorism and criminal investigation, improving the security level of the airport, and further maintaining the public security of the airport.


What does the airport turnstile look like?

According to the applications of the airport area, there are generally two kinds of airport turnstile: double gates and single gate.


torniquete del aeropuerto

Airport Turnstile with Double Gates



torniquete del aeropuerto

▲ Airport Turnstile with Single Gate


Where is the airport turnstile used?

Airport turnstile is often used in several areas: pre-security check, self-service security check, self-service check-in, VIP lounge, immigration management area and so on.


Pre-security check: Single gate with face recognition + ID identification.

Self-service security check: Double gates with face recognition + ID identification + ticket checking.

Self-service check-in: Single gate with face recognition + ID identification + ticket checking.

VIP lounge: Single gate with face recognition + ID identification + ticket checking.

Immigration management area: Double gates with face recognition + passport identification + ticket checking + fingerprint identification + baggage detection + temperature detection.


What are the advantages of CMOLO airport turnstile?

With its patented technology and the core technology, CMOLO airport turnstile has five core advantages:


torniquete del aeropuerto


  • Stably work and long life: Its mechanism and control system have passed the life test of 10 million times;
  • High security: Adopts triple anti-clamping technologies (infrared anti-clamping, mechanical anti-clamping and anti-collision by advanced electric current detection) for accurate detection, to avoid pinching pedestrians;
  • Modular design, easy to install and maintain;
  • Strong compatibility: Compatible with certificate recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition and ticket checking system, etc.
  • Fast open and close: The open and close speed is up to 0.3~0.6s, and with high passing efficiency.


En la actualidad, CMOLO ha personalizado muchos torniquetes de autoverificación de escena para muchos aeropuertos de todo el mundo, incluido el aeropuerto de Shenzhen, el aeropuerto de Guangzhou, el aeropuerto de Ningbo, el aeropuerto de Baotou, el aeropuerto de Kunming, el aeropuerto de Quanzhou, etc., para ayudarlos a realizar la actualización y transformación de aeropuerto inteligente.


torniquete del aeropuerto

La sala VIP del Aeropuerto Internacional de Shenzhen -- torniquete de puerta de velocidad de autoverificación


Torniquete de puerta de velocidad para peatones

El canal de inmigración del aeropuerto de Guangzhou: torniquete de puerta rápida para peatones


torniquete de puerta de velocidad de autoverificación

La sala VIP del Aeropuerto Internacional QuanzhouJinjiang -- torniquete de puerta de velocidad de autoverificación



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